About me


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I am an interdisciplinary Earth system scientist interested in the economic and social impacts of climate change. Currently, I'm a PhD candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at Dartmouth College in the EEES program, working with Dr. Justin Mankin and the Climate Modeling and Impacts Group. I use a wide range of tools, from simple and complex climate models to econometric regression techniques, to understand the relationship between extreme climate events and outcomes such as economic growth and human health. My work aims to inform policy discussions over climate mitigation, adaptation, and loss and damage funding, as well as decisionmaking tools such as the social cost of carbon. Outside of science, I'm a fan of the Chicago Cubs, policy debate, and organized labor.

You can find my publications and my CV at the tabs above. My Google Scholar page is here. Finally, you can contact me at Christopher.W.Callahan.GR (at) dartmouth (dot) edu or find me on Twitter (at) cwcallahan45.